Locker Organizer

by Jacqueline

A locker organizer is critical for speeding access time, maximizing storage space and properly protecting your various belongings in a public space. Locker organizers can mean different things for different kinds of lockers, but no matter the location or style of your secure storage, organization will come easier with some thinking and planning. All locker organization begins with the right types of organizers.

Here at Locker Organizer, we will help you find the right tools for your storage organizing needs, whether you’re tackling back-to-school preparation, trying to make your gym locker usage more efficient, or just straightening storage lockers in your garage or basement. We’ll discuss the different types of locker organizers and then help you find the best deals if you decide to shop online. Over the long term, however, I hope to expand this site into a broad resource on how to get organized and the significant role organization plays in your overall quality of life, and even your health.

Locker Organizers For All Walks of Life

There all kinds of container organizers and there are all kinds of different purposes for these organizers. Some are for pure professional use in the office or in the garage, while others help express a teenager’s personality and still others keep things organized in an athletic locker room. However, in all cases, they are meant to help you store and access items in a way that will help save time and to help you avoid losing items in this storage space. With a few basic locker organizer ideas you can make better use of this space and your time.

Here are some key steps to properly organizing your locker and to helping you determine which type of organizers you may need:

Weight and Use Management

There are two basic rules that apply in almost all locker organization cases. First, you want to arrange your items by frequency of access. In most situations, this will mean your most used items will need to be placed near the top of your locker. The second rule involves weight management. Simply put, heavy stuff should be placed lower to reduce likelihood of locker damage and to make it easier to remove from the locker.

Locker Shelf Selection

Locker shelves are critical component of locker organization. Selecting an adjustable double locker shelf or a stacking shelf will dictate much of how you organize your space. To put it bluntly, you need to consider the size, type and weight of your stuff and then choose the appropriate locker shelves for that stuff, keeping in mind the weight and use management rules I mentioned before. Depending on what shelves you choose, you may require different magnetic organizers to handle anything that doesn’t fit on the shelves.

Keep Like Items Together And Consistently Place Items

Two basic arrangement rules are to keep like items together and to consistently place items in the exact same place each time. If you have any locker baskets or other containers within your locker, you need each of those containers to contain similar items to make sure you always know what to expect in each container or basket.

And there probably won’t be much that saves you more time than keeping specific items in the same specific spot at all times. You should be able to reach into your locker and grab frequently needed items without even looking. When using a gym locker organizer, always place your deodorant in the exact same spot, if it is a high school or junior high school locker organizer, you want to put that science textbook in the exact same spot every time.

Isolate and Protect Valuable and Delicate Items

Your electronics and your delicate items should be isolated and placed in protective places. Some electronics will need to stay clear of magnets but you want to be able to grab them without the risk of dropping them.

Depending on where your locker is and what you’re using it for, you may want to consider additional security measures. For example, you may want to place a lockbox within your locker for your wallet and car keys if it is a gym locker.

Choosing The Best Materials For Your Needs

Depending on the nature and purpose of your locker, you want to choose the right locker organizer materials to fit your needs.

If you are frequently placing damp items in your storage unit (not advisable in most cases, but I know it still happens), you definitely don’t want to go with some of the budget cardboard shelves and organizers available from discount stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Walmart or Target to help you get organized.

Heavy items should be stored on metal shelves or durable plastic shelves when possible; make sure you select a heavy grade metal or plastic for longevity and stability.

Additionally, you may find nylon, denim or canvas hanging locker organizers with dividers and pockets to fulfill a variety of organization needs. They work somewhat like an all-in-one organizer for your locker.

Fun And Function With Locker Organizers

A locker door organizer, whether it is a hanging locker organizer or a magnetic locker organizer, can help you make the most of your space by keeping quickly accessed items right within view as soon as you open the door.

Often times a school locker organizer doesn’t just help you organize, it can also provide a vehicle for personal expression. For some teens, an organized locker isn’t as important as a colorful, fun locker. For the most part the basic type of locker organizer Target or Walmart will carry may provide a good balance between style and function, so that is always an option. But you can always add your own personal or handmade items as well as things like magnetic dry erase boards with colorful markers for fun.

When it comes to sports locker organizers (such as a golf locker organizer) and locker accessories the emphasize is usually function over fun. However for some a good gym locker organizer has an element of fun because of the way it can enhance your experience at the gym.



Locker Organizer Ideas

Sometimes the most simple or basic object can become a critical part of your locker organization. I hope these locker organizer ideas will help spark a few ideas of your own. Remember that you don’t always need to buy specifically designed devices and accessories. Sometimes the best organizers and accessories are made from mundane items you use on a daily basis.

From hanging folders and mirrors to magnetic hooks, you can find a lot of creative ways to use that door space to help you stay neat and organized. I advise utilizing such door accessories as they help keep some of the clutter out of your locker itself. The hanging organizer has become a popular solution for making the most of that long, sometimes unused space. Try creating your own hanging locker organizer. […]

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School Locker Organizers

Using the right locker organizer can make it easier to get what you need when you need it so you can move on to the more important parts of your day. School locker organizers in particular need to fulfill a wide variety of functions that can make this space more functional and easy to use.

Because there are so many different fancy locker organizers out there, all from manufacturers and retailers fighting for your business, it is important you plan your setup and define your needs in advanced. Try to create your own recipe of ideas and then do your best to stick with those ideas as you start shopping. Also, the adage “keep it simple stupid” can be incredibly effective when implementing a practical, functional organization structure. You’ll be amazed how many problems some simple but varied baskets can solve. […]

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Gym Locker Organizers

Making the most of your time at the gym can be critical to both having a good workout and to making it easier for you to keep at it day in and day out. Locker organizers exist to save you time, not get in your way or call too much attention to themselves.

There are a few things to consider when shopping for this type of organizer. Is this for just a gym locker? Or are there more appropriate organizers than you might find at a sporting goods store?

Will you need additional shelves? Or will a simple door hanger with storage pockets suffice? One device that is usually a good idea is some kind of shower caddie. A good one will both house and organize your toiletries and make it easy to carry them between the shower and your locker. […]

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Locker Baskets

Perhaps the most common and accessible locker organizers are locker baskets. While many clever devices have been devised to help you keep your locker more organized, simple baskets remain and popular way to keep clutter at bay. I’ll help you understand why you’ll find it handy to have a few of these around and then I’ll help you with where to find these handy devices online.

Whether you need something to hold your cleaning supplies or organize your utility closet, or something to keep your mudroom from being a sloppy mess, using a locker basket is a cheap and easy too you can use to keep those messy areas more neat and clean.

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