Gym Locker Organizers

Using the right gym locker organizers can be critical to making the most of your time at the gym. And making the most of your time at your gym can be critical to both having a good workout and to making it easier for you to keep at it day in and day out. Locker organizers exist to save you time, not get in your way or call too much attention to themselves.

While there are many reasons people procrastinate in their exercise habits, one is the simple fact that it can be difficult to get there, workout and get out of there. Your locker should be a transparent part of the process. It should make it effortless for you to get in and then get back out and on your way. Gym locker organizers can help with this.

How Will You Use It?

When you design an efficient and functional gym locker, you first need to define your goals and your needs before you can select the right gym locker organizers.

  • Does your time in the gym involve specific sports with specific sport equipment, like rackets or protective gear?
  • Where will you be headed after your workout? Will you need to have personal grooming products and equipment to get ready after your shower?
  • Will your locker store mostly dry clothes or will you have to keep wet items from swimming or other types of workout routines?
  • What other gear or equipment will you need to keep accessible?
  • Is this for just a gym locker? Or are their more appropriate school locker organizers that would be a better fit?

After you have worked through this list of questions, you should have a better idea what you need and what you don’t need when you start shopping for a good gym locker organizer and other locker accessories. Remember, they should help make the process transparent and effortless. Some fancy organizers may only introduce more work.

Gym Locker Organizer Ideas

,Gym Locker Organizer

Glo Bag

Now using your answers to the previous questions, brainstorm the simplest possible devices for each need. A set of hangers and some locker baskets may be all you need to keep dry items and wet swimsuits apart while giving your swimsuit plenty of space to dry.

Will you need locker shelves? Or will a simple door hanger with storage pockets suffice? One device that is usually a good idea is some kind of shower caddie. A good one will both house and organize your toiletries and make it easy to carry them between the shower and your locker.

Before you head out to buy your locker organizers or before you shop online, be sure you have the proportions and measurements of your locker. Either measure it yourself or obtain the official measurements from the gym management.

Where to Buy Gym Locker Organizers

Gym locker organizers are widely available online or locally. From container stores (like the Container Store or Bed, Bath and Beyond) to discount super stores (like Target or Walmart), to sporting good stores (like Sport Authority), to larger grocery stores… and even to your gym itself, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding a wide variety of gym locker organizers. If you’re looking online, Amazon provides a good return policy and huge selection of products.

My favorite locker organizer for the gym is The Glo Bag – The Ultimate Gym Locker Organizer (pictured above).

Some people don’t like to buy these types of things online. That’s fine, but you should still take the time to read some product descriptions and reviews before you head to your local super store. You want to have some context of the quality and versatility of different products before you start pouring through all the promotional material on the product packaging.

As you work through your list of needs and goals for gym locker organizers, remember to focus on simplicity and speed. I know it can be tempting to create an elaborate setup within your locker space or spend some kind of effort decorating that space. But remember that this space will provide maximum value to your life when you can just get in and out of it as quickly and easily as possible. That is always the goal of efficient and effective gym locker organization, and the gym locker organizers will help you fulfill that goal.