Locker Accessories

Locker accessories are a must for school lockers, but they can be useful in other types of lockers as well. With so many books, supplies, coats, and the never-ending amount of paperwork, the right locker organizers can really make a big difference in the functionality of virtually any locker.

We’ve gathered this list of locker accessories to help you get your organized so you can get to class on time, or get in and out of the gym faster, and with the least amount of fuss at your locker.

There are many types of locker accessories so here is a list of a few of the best:

School Locker Organizers

Hanging Locker Organizer

Hanging Organizer

With an almost infinite number of possible configurations, these whole or partial locker organizers flaunt some really handy features like a magnetic locker mirror for makeup touch-ups, magnetic memo pads or a closet pole to hang your coat and clothes. For a personal touch you may also want to add some fun locker magnets, picture frames or memo boards.

Here are some really useful school locker organizers sold on Amazon that can make your school locker more functional:

  • LockerWorks Hanging Locker Organizer
  • Pocket Hanging Locker Organizer
  • Magnetic Mirror
  • Locker Shelves

    Locker shelves are great for storing books, notebooks or even a backpack, but they also provide an easy way to divide the space in your locker. This allows you to use the different shelves for different items and to organize items into sections of the locker. You can also place baskets or a shower caddy on the shelves to further separate items. Here are a couple of examples from Amazon:

    Gym Locker Organizers

    Gym Locker Organizer

    Gym Locker Organizer

    Gym lockers are typically smaller in size because they don’t need to hold a whole course load of books and they are used for a smaller portion of the day, so gym locker organizers are a little different than other types of locker accessories and organizers. Instead they need to hold equipment, clothing and hygiene products. Things like a hanging locker organizer, locker shelves, shower caddies and locker baskets are perfect for this space. Find these useful organizers at Amazon:

    Locker Baskets

    Locker baskets come in handy for storing things in a quickly accessible place. Larger wire mesh baskets are great for shoes or larger items and smaller wire mesh locker baskets, including magnetic locker organizers are great for small, loose items. Here are a couple available from Amazon:

    Some of these locker organizer ideas are sure to improve the time it takes to find what you need. You can use some or all of these locker accessories to increase your speed between classes. The point of all of these things is to increase locker organization, which in turn, speeds up everything else.

    Locker organizers will help you get organized, but they can’t do it for you. You have to make a commitment to stay organized. This means taking the extra 10 seconds it takes to put your books in the right spot or your pencils in the correct bin. These locker organization ideas will help you not only in school, but also make life just a little easier. Nowadays, employers look for organization as one of the top characteristics in an employee. Get a jump-start on your organizational skills by choosing great locker accessories and organizers, and make the most of them.