Locker Baskets

Perhaps the most common and accessible locker organizers are locker baskets. While many clever devices have been devised to help keep your storage locker more organized, simple locker baskets remain and popular way to keep clutter at bay. I’ll help you understand why you’ll find it handy to have a few of these around and then I’ll help you with where to find them online.

While for the time being I will refer to them as locker baskets, you will find these storage baskets useful in many areas of your life, from your office to your laundry room, from your gym lockers to your child’s school lockers.

Why Use Locker Baskets

We humans seem to accumulate a ton of stuff. If you keep a busy household or office, it just seems like all manner of items reproduce and fill every nook and cranny. Locker baskets can be used in a variety of ways and provide a flexible way to store, well, all that stuff I just talked about.

Locker Baskets

Locker Baskets

So whether you need something to hold your cleaning supplies or organize your utility closet, or something to keep your mudroom from being a sloppy mess, using a locker basket is a cheap and easy locker organizer for keeping those messy areas more neat and clean.

They are also simple, kid-friendly way for your children to learn some basic organization and labeling skills.

What to Look For

Choose the locker basket that makes sense for your need. If you choose the common and practical mesh design, make sure the metal is sturdy and rust-resistant if it will be exposed to water. Most modern storage baskets feature an area in the front for easy labeling (sometimes referred to as a label window). You especially want this if you’re using multiple baskets in your school locker or office.

Wire mesh baskets are popular because they’re lighter, they provide ventilation (go sneakers in your gym locker?), and they make it easy to quickly view all their contents.

Before you buy a locker basket, make sure it is the size you need. Keep its depth in mind along with its length and width. Colorful locker baskets exist as well, and if you have a child decorating his or her school locker a colorful basket might be a good idea.

Making the Most of You Locker Baskets

Locker baskets often work best when you use several of them together, and when you use them together with other organization tools. Line them up on your locker shelves and integrate another locker organizer or two into the baskets themselves. Try placing cups, mugs, jars or folder dividers in the locker baskets to provide separate compartments within the basket for different types of things.

If you have a mesh locker basket, you can line the bottom with a material to keep the odd loose pen or pencil from slipping through the cracks. Or if you want to take advantage of a mesh basket’s capacity to drain (muddy shoes in the mudroom, perhaps?), you can secure them off a surface.

To exploit vertical space better, try securing them against something sturdy (the wall, back part of a locker, etc.). This might require some screws and a drill, but don’t hesitate to use these not just as locker baskets, but also as locker shelves. Depending on how much weight you plan on placing in these baskets, you might even try holding your basket up with magnets or hanging it from a closet rod.

Look around your locker, your home or your office and brainstorm what you might categorize, label and store away with a locker basket. Scarves, hats and glove, coasters, plants and sticky notes are just a few things you might keep in this type of storage container. I hope these locker organizer ideas and tips help you better use your new locker baskets.

Where to Find Locker Baskets Online

Locker baskets are incredibly common, so you shouldn’t have any difficult finding a place to shop for them online. However, I’ll provide some of my favorite places.

If you’re looking for the widest selection with good prices and secure ordering, it’s hard not to recommend the grandfather of all online shopping stores:

If you want to shop from a store that specializes in organizers so you can purchase some additional tools for getting organized, try: The Container Store

I hope this helps you better understand the remarkable value provided by a few simple locker baskets. And I hope you have some new ideas how to better utilize them as well. Thank you for reading; I hope you visit again soon.