Locker Organization

Proper locker organization requires some common sense and a little discipline. But perhaps most importantly, successful locker organization requires creating a system and sticking to it.

Locker Magnets and Waste Management

Everyone will have clutter at one point or another. So it is important for you to devise methods to handle that clutter when it becomes too apparent. Besides cleaning your locker regularly, magnets and a simple trash bag or trash receptacle are simple yet effective ways to keep locker clutter at bay.

While most locations where you find lockers you will also find separate trash bins, in all likelihood you will still have the occasional bit of trash right on hand, like a gum wrapper or something similar. Keep a small area of the locker dedicated for this inevitable refuse and keep a small plastic bag in this area. There certainly isn’t a shortage of locker baskets to choose from for this purpose. Change your locker trash bag often. Please don’t let it get out of hand.

Magnets allow you to quickly put critical documents like class schedules somewhere up and out of the way yet handy at the same time. A wide range of magnetic locker organizers, so find the locker organizer that matches your greatest need and implement it. For example, if you struggled with loose pens and pencils, then a simple magnetic pen clip might be a good idea.

Organizing Your Locker’s Papers, Pens and Pencils

Random bits of paper and especially pens and pencils are often the bane of proper locker organization. Thankfully, a huge part of the locker organization industry is made up of specific devices and receptacles for these items. From paper folders and and hanging folder holders to pencil cups, I’m sure you will find plenty of ways to manage these small yet burdensome items. However, I do not recommend the most common solution: cups. Whether you improvise with your own mug or cup or you buy one designed to hold pens and pencils, these cups often become opportunities for clutter rather than useful. You will find it surprisingly easy to brush up against them and knock them over, and they take an unnecessary amount of space.

Locker Organization

Locker Organization

Instead, I recommend a magnetic pen and pencil holder so your pen and pencil organizer can’t get pushed around out of place or so that your pens or pencils don’t get loose and end up rolling around. Keep one or two pens and pencils immediately accessible in a clipped magnet, then keep the others stored away in a hanging pocket organizer.

The key to managing these items is to first have a proper place carefully selected to place them, then to remain vigilant in putting your pencils and pens exactly where they belong every time. Like all proper organization, it doesn’t take any extra effort or extra time; it just takes a little up front discipline to develop the right habits.

Books, Binders and Locker Organization

While books and binders are easy to place and organize, it is critical that you develop an intuitive and efficient routine for handling them. First make sure you get the right size, strength and quantity of locker shelves to handle your particular roster of books and binders. Large, heavy books must be placed on the bottom shelf and your smaller, lighter books should be on the top shelf. While this should be your default starting arrangement, always consider how often you will need each individual book. Frequency-of-use often determines ease-of-access.

This may sound picky, but I recommend labeling the spot where you place each book with its name or a label that quickly identifies that book. This should correspond with a label you add to the book (if necessary). If writing a label on a book, always place this on a book cover rather than directly on the book, and use clear, large handwriting with a black marker. You should also label all your binders and folders in the same way. You should always know exactly what you’re grabbing and know exactly where that binder or book goes as soon as you open the book

Locating and replacing individual binders and books should be robotic and consistent. Most importantly, it should be fast and efficient. Eventually, you should be able to blindly reach in your locker and grab the book or binder you need at that time.

These are the basics of locker organization, but don’t underestimate their value in helping you save time and reduce stress. Don’t overdo it, but don’t hesitate to make the most of the many accessories available for keeping your locker better organized. Just create a well-planned routine based on these locker organization tips, then muster the discipline to make your routine an effortless habit.