Locker Shelves

One common and important component for an organized locker are locker shelves. They are especially important for school and gym lockers. When selecting and organizing locker shelves, you need to choose from stacking or hanging shelves, sturdy or adjustable, and finally metal, plastic or wooden shelves.

Selecting and maximizing an appropriate shelving system should be seen as a default necessity for anyone trying to learn from my Locker Organizer site. Some locker accessories are more for refining the details or providing a certain aesthetic; locker shelves are critical components for proper organization.

Hanging or Stacking Locker Shelves?

Lockers shelves are necessary for maximizing this space and locker organization making this space more efficient and user-friendly. A proper locker shelf system will make it quick and easy for you to place and then later find every book or binder you own. You will find two basic types of these locker organizers. If you are not concerned about maximizing your floor space, you can use stacking shelves or adjustable locker shelves. These simply stack one layer on top of another, most often connecting at the corners.

Locker Shelves

Locker Shelves

If you want to keep your shelves off the ground, you can use shelving units that hang from a hook or bar, like a clothes hanger rod. Hanging locker shelves have become a more popular option in recent years. By hanging from the top of the locker instead of stacking up from the bottom, you can often use them to maximize vertical space with coats or other clothing items hanging next to books and other supplies. These have become a popular form of school locker organizers.

Materials vary as some manufacturers are even offering denim hanging locker organizers. Be careful, however, as sometimes hanging locker shelves aren’t made to withstand tremendous amounts of weight.

Take the time to brainstorm locker organizer ideas before you commit to either a hanging or stacking shelf system.

Choosing the Right Material

Most locker shelves are made from strong, durable material, like plastic, metal or wood. The plastic shelves tend to be more static but more durable, while a metal shelf system often features adjustable shelf heights. Wooden shelves aren’t as common but provide a unique style and feel all their own.

Among the steel or metal locker shelves, you will select between heavyweight and lightweight metal. They provide different strengths and weaknesses.

A heavyweight metal locker shelf will provide durability comparable to quality plastic shelves, but they lack the flexibility of lighter metal shelves. If you find yourself with one particularly large binder or textbook and you need a taller shelf space, you may be out of luck with some metal shelving units.

A lightweight metal locker shelf may not be capable of withstanding the rigors of time or the weight of dense, heavy items, but they can be a good place for baskets filled with lighter items. However, if you find yourself with a shifting collection of textbooks and items with varying heights, you can always adjust the height of your locker shelving units.

A plastic locker shelf system will provide both greater durability and greater variety. While they aren’t often adjustable like lightweight metal locker shelves, they come in a variety of colors and they provide a long-lasting, sturdy shelving solution.

After you determine the size, weight and type of all your items, you will be better prepared to choose the type of locker shelves you want to help you organize your locker space. Whether you go with metal or plastic, stacking or hanging, you will find a wide variety of locker shelving options for you online or at your local super store. I hope this article helps you make better use of your time and space.