School Locker Organizers

The right locker organizer makes it fast and easy to get what you need when you need it so you can get on with things. School locker organizers in particular need to fulfill a wide variety of functions while somehow largely just staying out of the way.

The veritable cottage industry that has expanded around various devices and tools used for school locker organizers shows just how important it has become for any student to make the most of this critical part of their academic experience. When you pick the right school locker organizer for your small part of the world at school, you will keep yourself more organized and more productive.

Start With The Basics

Almost every school locker can use locker shelves and baskets. Both of these basic tools come in a wide assortment of sizes, styles and proportions. Imagine everything you will need to store and access in your locker and come up with ways to make shelves and baskets fulfill those storage needs. Try to keep every item in the same place every time so you can quickly and easily reach in grab what you need when you need it.

If you are reaching for a pencil or pen, you should be able to do so blindly. If you just need to grab your baseball glove for gym or baseball practice, you should be able to know exactly where it will be when you need it.

One thing many people forget to plan for in advanced is wet weather or wet articles like swimsuits and umbrellas. You want to make sure you define a space for these items when you need it. Make it so these items can be kept up off the floor and it may even be a good idea to buy a battery-powered compact fan to help dry these items and minimize the less pleasant smells emanating from your locker.

Middle School Vs. High School Locker Organizers

If you’re shopping for your teen, keep in mind that both the attitude and style of someone seeking middle school locker organizers can be surprisingly different from someone in high school. Be careful not to confuse the two and make sure the one actually using the locker is actively involved in the locker organization process. School locker organizer accessories and decorations are particularly susceptible to offending the raw sensibility of teens at different ages. You’ll also find college locker organizers in yet another entirely different category of sensibility and even functionality.

Define Your Organization Goals Before You Shop

Because there are so many different fancy locker organizers and locker accessories out there, all from manufacturers and retailers desperate for your money, it is important you plan your setup and define your needs in advanced. Try to create your own recipe of ideas and then do your best to stick to that recipe as you start shopping. Also, the adage “keep it simple stupid” can be incredibly effective when implementing a practical, functional organization structure. You’ll be amazed how many problems some simple but varied locker baskets can solve.

School Locker Organization Ideas

Before you buy your school locker organizers, read through this list of basics and take some notes. This should help you brainstorm just how you wish to organize your space. Of course, you should know our locker dimensions before you plan your setup and definitely before you start shopping.

  • Space and Ease: Two critical variables you should consider as you evaluate any locker organizer are space and ease-of-use. How much space does each device take and will it fit along your other organizers? Is it easy to get your stuff from the organizer, or is it too elaborate a contraption to be of practical use? Will it be easy to install and then remove should you have to move locker locations? Magnetic locker organizers are useful for individuals likely to crave change and flexibility.
  • How will define and label your locker organizers? Labeling may sound a bit geeky, but it will really help you stay disciplined about putting the same things in the same places so they’re always where you expect them to be when you need them. This is critical to having the right books and binders for each class without making yourself late.
  • Will you have the space for hanging organizers? If so, you should really consider these newer organization devices. They can hang from hooks, your locker door and even from hangers or coat closet rods. Often times, they also provide much more than just storage utility. Some have mirrors integrated into them, making them efficient multi-function devices.

If you put a little bit of time and effort into planning your locker space and selecting the right school locker organizers, your whole school experience will feature less stress and more success.