School Locker Organizers

Using the right locker organizer can make it easier to get what you need when you need it so you can move on to the more important parts of your day. School locker organizers in particular need to fulfill a wide variety of functions that can make this space more functional and easy to use.

Because there are so many different fancy locker organizers out there, all from manufacturers and retailers fighting for your business, it is important you plan your setup and define your needs in advanced. Try to create your own recipe of ideas and then do your best to stick with those ideas as you start shopping. Also, the adage “keep it simple stupid” can be incredibly effective when implementing a practical, functional organization structure. You’ll be amazed how many problems some simple but varied baskets can solve. Continue reading

Locker Shelves

One common and important component for an organized locker is locker shelves. They are especially important for school lockers. When selecting and organizing these shelves, you need to choose from stacking or hanging shelves, sturdy or adjustable, and finally metal, plastic or wooden shelves.

After you determine the size, weight and type of all your items, you will be better prepared to choose the type of locker shelves you want to help you organize your locker space. Whether you go with metal or plastic, stacking or hanging, you will find a wide variety of options for you online or at your local super store. I hope this little lesson helps you make better use of your time and space. Continue reading