Locker Organizer Ideas

Sometimes the most simple or basic object can become a critical part of your locker organization. I hope these locker organizer ideas will help spark a few ideas of your own. Remember that you don’t always need to buy specifically designed devices and accessories. Sometimes the best organizers and accessories are made from mundane items you use on a daily basis.

From hanging folders and mirrors to magnetic hooks, you can find a lot of creative ways to use that door space to help you stay neat and organized. I advise utilizing such door accessories as they help keep some of the clutter out of your locker itself. The hanging organizer has become a popular solution for making the most of that long, sometimes unused space. Try creating your own hanging locker organizer. Continue reading

Gym Locker Organizers

Making the most of your time at the gym can be critical to both having a good workout and to making it easier for you to keep at it day in and day out. Locker organizers exist to save you time, not get in your way or call too much attention to themselves.

There are a few things to consider when shopping for this type of organizer. Is this for just a gym locker? Or are there more appropriate organizers than you might find at a sporting goods store?

Will you need additional shelves? Or will a simple door hanger with storage pockets suffice? One device that is usually a good idea is some kind of shower caddie. A good one will both house and organize your toiletries and make it easy to carry them between the shower and your locker. Continue reading

Locker Shelves

One common and important component for an organized locker is locker shelves. They are especially important for school lockers. When selecting and organizing these shelves, you need to choose from stacking or hanging shelves, sturdy or adjustable, and finally metal, plastic or wooden shelves.

After you determine the size, weight and type of all your items, you will be better prepared to choose the type of locker shelves you want to help you organize your locker space. Whether you go with metal or plastic, stacking or hanging, you will find a wide variety of options for you online or at your local super store. I hope this little lesson helps you make better use of your time and space. Continue reading

Locker Organization

Proper locker organization requires some common sense and a little discipline. But perhaps most importantly, it requires creating a system and sticking to it.

Magnets allow you to quickly put critical documents like class schedules somewhere up and out of the way yet handy at the same time. There are a wide range of magnetic locker organizers, so find the locker organizer that matches your greatest need and implement it. For example, if you struggled with loose pens and pencils, then a simple magnetic pen clip might be a good idea. Continue reading

Locker Organizer

The best way to maximize storage space in a locker is with a locker organizer. The right type of organizer should allow you to fit more in your locker and make it quicker for you to access whatever you need and help you get on to the rest of your day.

There are a variety of organizers and other accessories that you can use. Generally you will get the most use of your space by combining a few different things like adjustable locker shelves, baskets and maybe even a hanging organizer.

All of these tools are great, but keep in mind just because they look good on the shelf or on the website, you need to carefully measure the locker to make sure the organizers you are considering will actually be a good fit. Also consider what you will be storing in your locker so you purchase the right type of organizers to make the best use of this space.

Once you have all the right locker accessories you need to use them wisely. Yes, there are better ways to store and arrange things within this storage space. Continue reading