Gym Locker Organizers

Making the most of your time at the gym can be critical to both having a good workout and to making it easier for you to keep at it day in and day out. Locker organizers exist to save you time, not get in your way or call too much attention to themselves.

There are a few things to consider when shopping for this type of organizer. Is this for just a gym locker? Or are there more appropriate organizers than you might find at a sporting goods store?

Will you need additional shelves? Or will a simple door hanger with storage pockets suffice? One device that is usually a good idea is some kind of shower caddie. A good one will both house and organize your toiletries and make it easy to carry them between the shower and your locker. Continue reading

Locker Shelves

One common and important component for an organized locker is locker shelves. They are especially important for school lockers. When selecting and organizing these shelves, you need to choose from stacking or hanging shelves, sturdy or adjustable, and finally metal, plastic or wooden shelves.

After you determine the size, weight and type of all your items, you will be better prepared to choose the type of locker shelves you want to help you organize your locker space. Whether you go with metal or plastic, stacking or hanging, you will find a wide variety of options for you online or at your local super store. I hope this little lesson helps you make better use of your time and space. Continue reading